Brand new storage yard gantry crane from TEICHMANN

In November 2014 TEICHMANN CRANES handed over a storage area gantry crane to an important construction company in the region of Aschaffenburg. This investment had become necessary because the existing crane had to be replaced for reasons of capacity.

During a scheduled time period of about 4 months the crane manufacturer from Essen, TEICHMANN CRANES, actually specialized in reconstruction of second hand crane installations, has designed, manufactured and delivered a brand new gantry crane in well-engineered and proven tubular construction. The existing crane had become too small for performing its tasks in this company and it was disassembled and disposed without delay, which allowed smooth continuation of activities on the storage area.

The new crane has a capacity of 16 t and a span of 24 m; it has two usable jibs with lengths of 10 m and 6 m. The lifting height is 12 m.

A brand new standard lifting equipment with monorail trolley was installed as hoist.