Integration and discipline through sports!

A non-profitmaking sports club in the neighbourhood of Ralf Teichmann GmbH in Essen offers children and young people the chance of integration in our society by practising their sport. Here children and adolescents with different religious, cultural and social backgrounds have a central place to address their problems and worries. Beside the physical exercise attempts are made to free the children from inhibitions in relations with others and to help them overcome possibly existing language barriers by participating in playful training. For these children the sports club is a place for finding new friends and for tussling and scrapping with coevals. This improves social integration and also agility, body coordination and physical fitness. The unique feature of wrestling is that five motor skills are equally trained and improved: flexibility, power, endurance, speed and coordination. In each training session the youth coaches of the sports club TV Dellwig try to train these skills in a targeted and well-balanced way. Furthermore wrestling as team sport offers a good basis for development of social competences and for getting to know and managing the own aggressions. Wrestling as a form of sport is a combat game for prevention of violence with clear rules.

The fact that the TeichmannGroup supports child and youth work by promotion of the wrestling sport shows that it is not just striving towards economic success. We recognize social responsibility as a company and as part of society.