Crane transports worldwide with the use of containers – lower costs than local manufacturing

Crane installations made in Germany are enjoying great popularity thanks to severe quality requirements and high standards. However, high transportation costs often lead to an overrun of the available budgets of overseas companies. With a new transport concept TEICHMANN CRANES is now able to offer an attractive solution to these customers: Depending on its length the crane bridge is cut into two or three segments. Even a long crane bridge can then be transported together with all other crane components of the complete crane in a 40 feet container. Thanks to the pre-fabricated high-strength screwed joints the customer will be able to assemble the crane after delivery even if he does not have any welding skills.

TEICHMANN CRANES is already being organizing cost-effective transports of slewing pillar cranes, overhead travelling cranes or gantry cranes for customers in Africa or North America according to the “Crane in a box” – principle.

For our customers this means lower transport costs and a lower risk compared to conventional modes of transport and they will have fewer difficulties during assembly of the crane installation after arrival at the place of destination.

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