An overhead travelling crane becomes a powerful assistant

An overhead travelling crane with capacity of 12,6 t was to be adapted to the local conditions of the construction site in a workshop hall for car repairs. For this, initially the construction heights of the hoisting units and of the trolley frame were reduced and a new crane runway was constructed.

For allowing transport of long goods also in direction of crane travel in future, the trolley frame of the bridge crane was newly built. In addition to that the electrical system had to be realized for operation with two double rail trolleys because in former times it had been designed for just one trolley with two hoisting units. Now, after reconstruction both trolleys are designed for individual operation and for tandem operation which brings an enormous facilitation in respect of transport of long goods. A freely movable pendant floor control rounds up the electronic upgrades.

TEICHMANN CRANES makes your employees crane-fit

The customer not just benefitted from the decades of expertise in crane construction but also from the wide
range of services going far beyond reconstruction and assembly of cranes. A comprehensive training for preparation of the employees on site for use of the new crane was part of the offer. After all, work safety and a responsible handling of the crane are having highest priority.

Besides training courses for crane operation TEICHMANN CRANES also offers training courses for operation of lifting platforms and forklifts, adapted to the previous knowledge of the participants and carried out on the customer’s premises according to the directives of the employer’s liability insurance associations.