Corroded luffing jib slewing crane at the Chemical Park of Dormagen needs help!

The gantry slewing crane with capacity of 300 t in version of double level luffing jib crane with two curve running gears had been used daily for salt loading and consequently it showed severe traces of corrosion. The special crane with heavily corroded slewing mechanism had to be renewed.

Extensive works on chassis, new rail tongs

To be able to remove the chassis from the crane the bolide with weight of 300 t had to be jacked up. For this TEICHMANN CRANES manufactured special assembly blocks, adapted for carrying the weight in a balanced way.

Afterwards the chassis was transported to Essen where it could be disassembled into individual parts even though the components were heavily corroded. Afterwards TEICHMANN charged a renowned surface engineering specialist in Dortmund (Stork Oberflächentechnik) with sandblasting of the dismantled parts. Here upon closer investigation it became obvious that the swivel joints also needed renovation. These were immediately re-machined and re-milled.

In addition to that the chassis units were equipped with new bearing seats, bearings and chassis bolts. The three drives per chassis (in total 12 units) were replaced by two units of more powerful drives in order to minimize the attackable surfaces for corrosion. In addition to that the mechanical rail tongs were replaced by modern hydraulic tongs. Furthermore the hoist and the boom hoist were repaired.

In order to prevent future rust development the completely renewed chassis got a four-layer-C5-varnishing including two-component lacquer. The C5 varnishing is a coating that is used in areas with very high exposure to salt to protect surfaces from corrosion. This type of varnishing complies with the highest corrosion category and it was used because of the crane’s daily salt loading operations. The varnishing of the crane was composed of a total of 4 layers: zinc undercoat, primer coat, intermediate primer and final top coating.

This extensive repair of the gantry crane is an excellent example for the high expertise of TEICHMANN CRANES and for the extensive portfolio of services of the company. The modernized UCT crane is now working smoothly and it is well prepared for future tasks – to full satisfaction of the customer!