11 cranes delivered to machinery factory and iron foundry

TEICHMANN CRANES delivered these 11 cranes for a new hall built for production expansion. The cranes were modified and reconstructed according to the specific customer requirements. Besides five double girder travelling cranes with capacities between 10 t and 25 t, delivered with conductor lines for power supply, 6 wall-mounted slewing jib cranes with capacities of 0,5 t up to 2 t were delivered and installed at individual work places; four of them were brand new cranes.

In the course of prolongation of the crane runway an existing conductor rail for current supply for an existing crane has been adapted; all mechanical components of the cranes were overhauled and a remaining useful life of 80 % for overhauled components could be guaranteed to the customer.

In order to ensure the scheduled production start the supplier worked in close cooperation with the customer and its hall constructor on site. A timely delivery after only 12 weeks was realized.