Special TEICHMANN crane for recycling plant

The crane with a span of 18m and a lifting height of 11.5m is equipped with 2 hoists and 2 separately and jointly movable trolleys. The new TEICHMANN crane replaces an outdated old crane and enables the customer to process larger metal parts with twice the load capacity compared to the previous crane.

Special safety features for special use in the crusher plant

Especially for the use in the customer's crusher plant, where the crane can be moved at a speed of up to 60 m/min, the overhead traveling crane has a number of safety-relevant features: to protect against flying splinters when shredding large pieces of scrap metal, the crane has a safety net at the height of the drop weight, to prevent flying parts form damaging the crane. The crane bridges are additionally protected with wooden planking, which can easily be replaced if damaged.

The robust crane cabin with a rotating crane driver's seat, heating and air conditioning is moreover completely enclosed with a lattice structure to protect the crane driver and has 18mm thick armored glass. The crane's two trolleys as well as all gears were also provided with splinter protection and a housing and also have weather protection.

In addition, the entire electrical system and cabling of the crane is also specially protected by 5mm thick metal sheets and the cable towing systems were laid on top of the crane bridges to protect it against flying parts. The steel construction of the crane corresponds to the classification H2 B3.