Refurbished 45t container crane for Belgian logistics service provider in record time

Container handling at logistics terminal in Belgium

The delivered, refurbished container crane is used for handling 20-45 foot containers at a huge logistics terminal in Belgium and has a stacking height of 4+1. For container handling, the robust winch trolley of the gantry crane can be operated at up to 90m/min and the crane at speeds of up to 60m/min.

In addition to a span of 40m, the crane has a usable outreaches of 16m and 15m as well as a lifting height of 17m.

The crane is controlled via a fully air-conditioned crane cabin, which has a comfort seat that can be rotated 270 degrees and which can be individually adjusted to the crane driver.

Half the delivery time compared to a new crane

The refurbished, sustainably produced gantry crane was manufactured at the TEICHMANN CRANES site in Essen. For this purpose, an existing crane was customized and could be delivered to the customer in a record time of 5 months.

This was made possible by TEICHMANN's, Europe-wide unique stock of over 200 cranes and spare parts. Thanks to an own construction and manufacturing department at the company's location in Essen, each crane is being adapted to the specific needs of the customer, while usual delivery times of new cranes can at least be halved.

Sustainable and resource-saving production process through refurbishment

Through the targeted use of refurbished components and resource-saving recycling of crane parts, the cranes from TEICHMANN CRANES also make an important contribution to more sustainability in the production process and reduce the CO² footprint along the value chain. With shorter delivery times and more attractive prices compared to buying a new crane, TEICHMANN cranes are always a considerable alternative!