The mountains are calling - TEICHMANN cranes for the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel!

The construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Europe amd will significantly reduce current freight traffic on the Brenner Pass.

Over a total of of 230km, tunnels for high-speed trains are being built , which will allow travelling from Innsbruck to South Tyrol in just 25 minutes in the future. When completed, the Brenner Base Tunnel will be the longest underground railway tunnel in the world. The expansion is expected to continue until 2032 and includes the construction of two main tunnels and an exploratory tunnel.

TEICHMANN CRANES has now delivered 3 overhead traveling cranes to Austria for the tubbing factory, which enables a just-in-time supply of tubbings. This is an important prerequisite for uninterrupted tunneling. 4 more TEICHMANN overhead traveling cranes will follow in 2023, which will be used for tunneling underground of the two main tunnels.