5 cranes for construction of a railway tunnel in only 4 months

A total of 5 cranes were needed in a warehouse for transport of tunnel segments for a planned railway tunnel construction. As work was intended to be done in two-shift operation the requirements on the cranes and their daily workload were very high. So special demands were made regarding stability and reliability. Here the know-how of the TeichmannGroup was needed. With bundled competence the group was in a position to supply 5 cranes after only 4 months, in due time and in compliance with customer demands.

TEICHMANN CRANES from Essen, the specialist for used cranes, delivered a single girder OET crane with capacity of 3,2 t, reconstructed according to the customer specifications. The crane bridge was shortened according to the requirements of the customer and the trolley was replaced in order to achieve a greater lifting height. Furthermore two double girder OET cranes with capacity of 6,3 t were extended by 2 meters and their stress group was increased to H2B4. In addition to that the cranes were equipped with high quality open winch trolleys and the control system was converted to frequency converter control. Both cranes were equipped with load measuring pin as overload protection and with load spectrum recorder.

In addition to that BRUNNHUBER CRANES in Augsburg supplied two double girder OET cranes with capacity of 2 x 10 t, each of them equipped with two brand new STAHL hoists, new frequency converter control with synchronization control and load measuring pin and power supply for the traverse for lifting of segments. The trolley frame of the cranes was newly built to allow transport of long materials also in direction of crane travelling.

For complete satisfaction of the customer he was given a functional guarantee for three years with annual UVV inspection and maintenance, assuring proper functioning of the cranes. The customer did not have to pay anything for transport, assembly and crane reception and delivery took place on schedule. So the TeichmannGroup could once again keep its promise in respect of quality and service.