25-year anniversary of Teichmann Cranes

With more than 250 employees working at five company locations, today the meanwhile formed TeichmannGroup is one of the biggest non-corporate suppliers of industrial cranes and crane services in this industrial sector.

In October 1988, after having successfully completed his studies in business administration, Ralf Teichmann founded his company in his parent’s house. Initially he focussed on the trade with used cranes and crane components. But soon he recognized that it was necessary to offer, besides the product sales business, other services like repair and maintenance work, crane disassemblies reconstructions and assemblies and he employed administrative staff, metal workers, welders and electricians.

In the beginning he rented open spaces and industrial buildings in Düsseldorf and Bochum. But later, in the year 1981, he seized the opportunity to change to the location of a big aluminium plant in Essen. There he started with some rented offices in the administration centre of the later Trimet AG and after some time he had a complete office floor for his business. The storage areas and open spaces that he rented additionally were big enough for growth of the company and for building up large inventories.

With the rental and the later purchase of a property at the same location in 1998 offering an office space of 750 m2, hall facilities of 7.000 m2 equipped with cranes and a property size of 30.000 m2 the basis for another expansion was created.

Over the years, the number of employees grew continuously and in the meantime the company had developed from a trading company dealing with refurbishment, modernizations and reconstructions into a fully-fledged crane manufacturer with comprehensive qualification certificate according to DIN (EN) 18800-7 and DIN 15018. Between 2007 and 2011 Ralf Teichmann took over crane service companies and manufacturers of brand new cranes in Berlin, Erfurt and Augsburg and later on also in Mannheim and Duisburg.

Today the TeichmannGroup that is currently being set up comprises five company locations and more than 250 employees and it is represented throughout Germany. The scope of services includes delivery of used and new cranes as standard cranes and special cranes designed according to the customers’ requirements. The spectrum is rounded off by taining courses for crane operators, service provision, modernizations, reconstructions and repair works.

Today the TeichmannGroup is one of the biggest non-corporate suppliers of cranes and crane services. During the next years own foreign representatives will be founded to intensify the export business.