Crane transport for Bayernhafen by ship: Loading and unloading in only one day

The Bayernhafen Group is operating inland ports in Aschaffenburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Roth, Regensburg and Bamberg. In 2006 already TEICHMANN had been commissioned to relocate the said slewing gantry crane. In those days the smooth transport from Nuremberg to the eastern harbour of Regensburg took place. In the course of this task the crane had been repainted and equipped with a new power supply of 20.000 V, a new high-voltage cubicle and a new cable drum. The challenge was now to bring the crane from Regensburg’s eastern harbour to its western harbour.

Tight time frame for dismantling, transport and erection

In order to minimize the ship rental costs the crane transport was intended to be accomplished in only one day. On 29 October 2014 the crane was loaded onto the ship. Immediately after that the transfer from the eastern harbour of Regensburg to the western harbour was carried out. And still on the same day the crane was unloaded from ship to shore. This had been preceded by dismantling of the steel construction (heaviest part = 60 t) on 27/28 October. For carrying the steel components (130 t in total) a truck mounted crane with capacity of 300 was used. The re-erection at the new location took place immediately on 30/ 31 October.

Adaptation of the electrical system and crane reception on site

Just as in 2006 the power supply of the double level luffing jib crane was adapted to the conditions of the new location. This time the crane was converted by Teichmann to a 400 V system. Dismantling of the former high voltage technology had already taken place on 24 October. The new electrical system was installed one week after transport. The scheduled date for crane reception, load test and other checks was the 10/11 November. In the meantime the crane restarted working. Its maximum capacity is 16 tons at an outreach of up to 15 m (9 tons up to 25 m).

Smooth logistics, fair prices

Already in the year 2006 the Bayernhafen Group could convince itself that TEICHMANN CRANES is a highly reliable partner when it comes to crane transports and crane modernizations. The crane experts from Essen were chosen once again for carrying out this year’s transport of the luffing jib crane (including adaptation of the electrical system). And once again they could convince the customer with their attractive package price.

Dipl.-Ing. Urban Lehmkühler