3 TEICHMANN-cranes at Austria’s largest power plant construction site

On the upper Inn near the Swiss-Austrian border the biggest run-of-river power station that has newly built for years in the Alpine region is being created. Environmentally friendly electricity for more than 100.000 households will be generated here in future. The construction project has a significant order volume and is scheduled for completion by mid-2018.

After the four years of building work more than 400 gigawatt hours of electricity per year shall be produced from the domestic renewable energy resource of hydroelectric power. During the next four years HOCHTIEF Infrastructure Austria will build a pressure tunnel with length of more than 22 km and a diameter of 6,5 m which will run underground from the towage room in Ovella to the power house in Prutz.

TEICHMANN CRANES: The top address for gantry cranes

For assembly of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) TEICHMANN CRANES upgraded the gantry crane by installing a double rail trolley with 50 t lifting capacity. As the tunnel will be lined with segments made of reinforced concrete after the boring works the possibility of reconstructing the crane afterwards for allowing transport of tunnel segments had to be prepared. After assembly of the tunnel boring machine the gantry crane will thus be used for transport of segments from the on-site concrete factory to the tunnel and for depositing the excavated material near the construction site.

In transport of segments the gantry crane will be assisted by a second TEICHMANN gantry crane in tubular construction with lifting capacity of 20 tons, which has been equipped with a 20 t standard hoist. For this purpose the jib extensions of the two gantry cranes overlap, which allows that the material train for transport of segments and crushed rock moving in the middle can be reached by both cranes.

The third crane that TEICHMANN CRANES delivered to Pfunds is an overhead travelling crane for being operated in a hall with lifting capacity of 4 t and a span of 25 m. It will be used for fabrication of tunnel segments.